Appliance Removal Services 

​(This service is no longer available)

We offer appliance removal services from property managements, apartment restorations, remodels and many more. We offer this service valley wide.

Recycling is one of the easiest and most traditional ways to have a positive impact on your environment and community. The simple act of tossing a can into a recycling bin rather than a trashcan not only diverts needless trash from entering landfills, but also decreases the need to extract and process virgin materials from the earth. In this way, recycling saves natural resources and energy. By doing this your helping the economy by reducing production and energy expenses.  

If you have an appliance and don't know how to disposed it, bring it in to us & Used Appliances LLC will do the correct act of disposing it. Used

Appliances LLC will try to refurbished before anything else. 

Call now to set up an appliance pick up.